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A basic scrutiny of the images of the facility provided by the state government shows inconsistences

In 2017, the Tamil Nadu state government claimed before the Supreme Court that DBU employees personally exercise each dog in a 3,000-square-foot exercise paddock and submitted photographs that PETA India noticed were obviously photo-shopped.Such constant confinement of dogs as has been documented at the DBU is an apparent violation of Rule 24 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Dog Breeding and Marketing) Rules, 2017, and Section 11(g) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.The dog socialisation ground was in a state of utter neglect, and photographs show that the ground China Zotye NEV SZM;s entrance gate and the plant containers located on either side of the entry gate were littered with empty liquor bottles and lids, plastic disposable glasses, snack packets, and accumulated dry leaves, showing that the ground has probably been unused for several months except for unsavoury activities.".

Despite being a government centre, the DBU breeds dogs to sell to the public.Investigation confirms dogs of facility continue to be denied basic necessities even while state files faked photos in supreme court.PETA India's investigator visited the DBU from 12 to 14 March 2018 and documented that none of the adult dogs or puppies were allowed to play, exercise, or socialise at any point in the areas of the facility designated for this purpose. PETA India's investigator visited the DBU from 12 to 14 March 2018 and documented that none of the adult dogs or puppies were allowed to play, exercise, or socialise at any point in the areas of the facility designated for this purpose. (Photo: Pixabay) Chennai: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India on Tuesday, May 21, presenting fresh evidence of cruelty to dogs who are imprisoned and denied exercise and socialisation at the Tamil Nadu Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries Department's dog-breeding unit (DBU) at Saidapet, Chennai.

A basic scrutiny of the images of the facility provided by the state government shows inconsistences, such as missing objects – including part of the fence, a pole that supports the fence, and the middle portion of a leash on a dog being walked by a man – and a layer of green grass that was apparently mistakenly added onto a blue-coloured pole.This followed a petition challenging the 2015 order of the Madras High Court, which directed the closure of the DBU for not providing dogs with basic care and for not meeting the terms and condition set by Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), a statutory body that operates under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and registers breeders. PETA India's report points out that the state government filed these fabricated photos with a view to mislead the court regarding the actual condition of the DBU."The Dog Breeding Unit has shown yet again that it either can't or won't provide dogs with basic necessities like exercise and socialisation," says PETA India Senior Legal Associate Swati Sumbly.

The photos and video footage taken by PETA India proves that this is in contradiction to what the DBU has stated in its daily activity chart, which was filed through an affidavit in the Supreme Court and claims that dogs are taken for exercise and socialisation for two hours in the morning, from 7:15 am to 9:15 am, and two hours in the afternoon, from 3 pm to 5 pm.These all indicating that the images were poorly altered.PETA India's investigation report also revealed that the state government provided the Supreme Court with fabricated photographs supposedly showing proper treatment of animals. "This cruel dog prison has falsified evidence before the Supreme Court, and PETA India is calling for it to be shut down immediately

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Start your plants off right and they will thank you with healthy foliage and blooms

Accessories“Add your signature touch to the garden,” suggests Natasha, adding, “You can use quirky and unique design elements to add to the charm.”. Make your your balcony your very own green corner.Harpreet adds, “Ensure that you buy potting soil that’s particularly suited to the plants you will be growing. Make a statement by combining multiple wall planters in a step-and-repeat pattern to create a beautiful vertical decor or simply hang them individually.

She adds, “To have a year-round blooming flower garden on the balcony, choose plants that bloom at different times of the year. Let the type of sun exposure the plants need determine where you place the garden.”A spade-shaped vertical planter by TheDecorKart. Also, a little garden helps improve air quality. As author Frances Hodgson Burnett said in his book The Secret Garden — “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden. A garden needn’t be a large green stretch with flowerbeds and big trees. “Pots made of porous material, such as terracotta, offer better drainage than plastic pots, which don’t allow any water to escape the soil.Water resourceYohan shares, “A good garden is dependent on easy availability of water resources.”

Containers and soilWhen choosing containers, in addition to considering appearance, also take into account their material and drainage, points out Yohan.”Natasha Kalra, founder and creative director, TheDecorKart adds, “Walls can be used as efficient space managers by using wall planters. Colourful earthen hanging and floor pots from My Sunny Balcony. Drainage holes are also a good idea in order to help guard against root rot and over-watering. You can also have a professional help in setting up the proper system and ensure that plants are healthy and do not require constant attention. One could install automatic irrigating systems. Use of petite, highly durable planters which can be easily moved is recommended. Keep perennials that bloom in a different period. Putting saucers under drainage holes prevents water from running onto your patio and spilling on the floor,” he explains.Vertical GardensOptimal utilisation of space is very critical in a small space, so using wall-mounted planters are best, explains Yohan De Nazareth, founder, Xanadu Organic Gardens. A rose is all time favourite, though it requires maintenance.

Start your plants off right and they will thank you with healthy foliage and blooms.Houses have been found to have consistently poorer China wholesale low-pressure injection molds air quality indoors than out, even with external pollution. A garden can also be mini sized — especially for those of us who live in apartments. Elements like a map shaped planter that exhibits the inner traveller in you, or the wall hanging shovel to display the innate gardening spirit of yours — while efficiently managing space also enhance a visual statement. Buy annuals for every season and remove them once their blooming period ends. An all-purpose mix will be sufficient for most plants, but note that succulents and other specialty plants will need a different mix.” Experts tell us how to create and maintain a balcony garden.”A balcony arrangement by My Sunny Balcony.”

A truck planter by Xanadu Organic Gardens.Choose the right plantsIn the beginning, buy two-three annual flowering plants and a few perennials. Perennials that are native and most suitable to your climate are the best first buys, states Harpreet Ahluwalia, founder and principal designer, Earthly Creations. Research has revealed that plants improve both indoor and outdoor air quality by removing harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and absorbing pollutants. Houses have been found to have consistently poorer air quality indoors than out, even with external pollution. “A vertical garden can go just about anywhere — indoors or outdoors

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The settlers who run this company create fear among tourists so they spread it

"The settlers who run this company create fear (of Palestinians) among tourists so they spread it when returning to their countries," he says. He has a Rambo-like look: fatigues, sunglasses perched on his forehead, rifle slung over his shoulder and a pistol on his belt.Suddenly, instructors in fatigues yell at the tourists to get on the ground, then they stop a "terrorist" with a knife -- not the person with the headscarf.Instructors are disguised, including one wearing a Palestinian-style headscarf.Caliber 3&China injection molds Manufacturers39;s website says he is a former sniper and member of elite police units."We came here thinking we were going to do something completely different," he says, adding they wanted to learn "how to shoot" and "react in a terrorist situation, God forbid".

Around 25,000 tourists, mainly American, but also Chinese, Canadian and South Americans, participated in the training last year, according to the firm.After the tourists complete the two-hour training, Cohen provides an assessment, but also a message.Mohammed Burjieh, a 38-year-old teacher in the neighbouring village of Massara, cut off from Efrat by Israel's controversial separation wall, accuses Caliber 3 of exploiting fears over "terrorism"."I'm going to show you the values of soldiers in the Israeli army and how we fight against terrorists," he says to the tourists, who take photos of him with Israeli flags in the background.The company is called Caliber 3, located near the Israeli settlement of Efrat south of Jerusalem, and it began in 2003 as a training camp for professional security personnel such as police.The instructors, including ex-soldiers who say they served in elite units, use their experience gained through Israel's various conflicts.Dan Cohen, 49, came from Caracas with his family to vacation in Israel and decided to add the training to his itinerary.One programme sees the tourists stumble onto a "terrorist attack" in a simulated market with plastic fruits and wooden stalls. (Photo: AFP) Efrat (Israel):

The foreigners yell "fire, fire, fire" before shooting their automatic weapons as Israeli instructors look on -- but this is no military training."But what we really learned is how the soldiers make quick decisions and understand what is wrong and what is right in these situations, and how hard it is to understand."But some Palestinians say they see the company as another insult. Their targets are balloons nearby.Cohen, 41, debriefs them and tells them to always be alert in a crowd.While his children play paintball nearby, he and his wife Lili listen attentively to the instructor before a crash course in handling automatic weapons and firing on a balloon stuck to a target.The instructors, including ex-soldiers, use their experience gained through Israel's various conflicts..They pay a little over 100 to participate."We must protect civilians while keeping our moral values," he says to applause.The tourist attraction offers an unusual option for visitors coming to see Jerusalem's holy sites or to float in the Dead Sea.

"The aim of the training is not to teach you how to shoot," Eitan Cohen, one of the instructors, says to the group, "but to make you understand what we do here in Israel to fight terrorism".Since 2009, it has also become an attraction for tourists who are taught how to handle weapons, participate in paintball or learn Krav Maga, the self-defence method using boxing and martial arts developed by the Israeli military.Another instructor, Yoav Fleishman, wearing a black t-shirt emblazoned with the words "Combat Instructor", says "we are explaining to # tourists the difficulties of this war, which is very different from classic warfare". The company is called Caliber 3, located near the Israeli settlement of Efrat south of Jerusalem, and it began in 2003 as a training camp for professional security personnel such as police.The 20 or so Jewish tourists from South America are on an "anti-terrorism" course run by former Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank.But while it may be exhilarating or instructive for some, others find it offensive, accusing the company of profiting from Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory and fears of "terrorism"

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It takes about an hour to complete and is fairly cost-effective

It is performed using lasers and injections which are FDA approved products and cost around Rs 45-60,000 per session with results lasting for almost a year. It even compliments pre and post treatment in persistent liposuction techniques. Botox and fillers are on 20% off for V Day. Due to this gap, a small indentation is formed whenever you smile. The procedure works to manually create that gap.Some of the most popular treatments include double chin removal and dimple creation, states Dr Ashustosh Misra, senior consultant in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from SCI International Hospital. Facial treatments like vampire facials and injectible fillers are fairly popular this year. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, couples are picking their brains over the perfect way to say ‘I love you’.” And interestingly, she is offering special discounts too. Along with that, requests for prominent cheekbones, fuller lips and sharper jaw-lines are seeing a rise too.” About men being equal participants in such treatments, she says, “Men have definitely become increasingly particular about their looks.”

He shares that the usual suspects like rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) and liposuction are making their presence felt too and adds that women, in particular, are going for facial surgeries a lot this year, especially those that reduce signs of ageing and lift sagging skin. The real-time temperature monitoring feature offers efficient control over tissue heating, delivering maximum power with no discomfort.”. Cosmetic hair restoration treatments are also a major area of interest for them this year. can always crop up once the procedure is done. A makeover, you ask Yes, and no. It is no longer just about what you give him/her but also about what you give yourself to please his/her eyes.” Cosmetologist and dermatologist Dr Deepali Bhardwaj also warns, “There surely is an increase in the demand for surgical treatments and corrections. Divya Ohri, managing director and owner at Soham Wellness Clinic, says that CoolSculpting is another thing in high demand to perfect the face and the body. But forget wilting flower bouquets, cringey chocolates and kitschy teddy bears, because most partners have only one gift on their hit list this year. Dr Ankita Pant, a consultant dermatologist, adds that the vampire facelift is also quite a popular attraction. You can tell your doctor exactly where you want your dimples to be placed, and he will carry out the procedure accordingly.

Be it a gradual weight loss to fit that slim dress or a quick reduction of some kilos to sport that ideal size of trousers, there are extensive treatment plans which use latest USFDA approved technology to help you get through that round bulge or any hiding flab! Besides this, there are also skin tightening treatments like Exilis Elite™, which is great for contouring. Cost for that is Rs 5,000. And the results are immediate, which is another reason for their popularity this year,” he avers and adds that they are among the more expensive treatments available at the moment, starting at Rs 15,000, depending on the volume used. The ‘chiseled facial contour’ is on the top of men’s grooming list.” About the sort of requests that she’s been receiving ahead of V Day, she says, “I recently received an enquiry for ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ to make the female genitalia look more youthful.With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, couples China Mercedes-Benz ML-350 Grille Manufacturers are picking their brains over the perfect way to say ‘I love you’.”Dr Nivedita Dadu, a dermatologist at Skinology Skin and Hair Clinic, shares that a variety of laser treatments has also captured the fancy of quite a few youngsters in particular, boys and girls alike. Talking about the dimple creation procedure in particular, he says, “Dimpleplasty is basically surgery by which dimples are surgically created. People are scheduled to get it done two or three days before Valentine’s Day too.

It takes about an hour to complete and is fairly cost-effective. Men and women in the capital are pushing the implications of the term to extreme levels by experimenting with more than just makeup this year. She says, “The Laser Photo Facial is an intense pulsed light laser treatment that involves colour pigmentation, wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation. “The demand for vampire facelift which costs around Rs 25,000 per session, thread lifts (Rs 30,000 and upwards), Meso glow treatments (Rs 5-6,000 per session), etc.” Injectable fillers like Botox, Restylane and Juviderm XC are also finding quite a few takers, points out Dr Navin Taneja, Director of National Skin Centre. As several of the city’s best cosmetologists and dermatologists attest, invasive as well as non-invasive cosmetic procedures seem to have become a go-to guarantee for the Valentine’s Day of their dreams. It allows patients to transform red blotchy skin into radiant complexion, and is attracting a lot of young boys and girls also because it is quick and non-invasive. are on the rise.”He goes on to explain, “The natural cause of dimples is a small gap in the cheek muscle.

She says, “CoolSculpting® is a pragmatic weight loss plan. Apart from firming skin on the face and body, breast lifts and butt lifts are also carried out effectively as a part of it. “Yes, if you get a medical facial done at my clinic, then you get another medical facial for free. “The new generation of injectable fillers are used to reduce depressions and acne scars. Anyone considering this treatment should, however, take care to ensure that their skin is protected for the first few weeks after they get it done. People are going for them since they are useful to enhance the contour and size of the lips in particular. However, consumers of such procedures should know well in advance that cosmetic procedures should be performed 10-15 days before an important engagement as chances of bruising and swelling, etc

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This week I attended a delightful wedding hosted by a modest-sized silver merchant

This week I attended a delightful wedding hosted by a modest-sized silver merchant I know and admire. This week I attended a delightful wedding hosted by a modest-sized silver merchant I know and admire. I have been patronising his store, tucked away in the bylanes of an old vegetable market near my home in South Mumbai, for four decades. In fact, it was this small store that started my love affair with tribal silver jewellery when I was still a college student. It was a convenient place from which to pick up a trinket or two, since I was the assigned vegetable shopper in my family. After purchasing brinjals and drumsticks, I would duck into the shop and get myself a pair of jhumkas from Saurashtra, or a “snake necklace” from Jaipur. Over the years, a close and wonderful bond developed with the merchant and his family. I had what was loosely called a “running account” with Shah Sr. Which meant I could waltz away with a bracelet I absolutely couldn’t live without, and pay for it in installments, as and when I had the money. This practice continues! And it is so gratifying to know that all transactions, big and small, were and are based on trust.So it was with a sense of great pride that I attended the wedding of Shah Sr.’s grandson recently.

My word! What a wedding it turned out to be! Hosted by the family at a venue (football ground) generally reserved by local politicians for their mass weddings, here was the Shah family standing at the flower bedecked, glittering entrance, warmly receiving a steady stream of guests, some of them driving up grandly in fancy limousines. I was awestruck... and this was before I hit the dinner area, which boasted a “Pure Jain” spread like no other. Over 50 counters dotted the red-carpeted grounds, serving the most exotic food. There were more than 20 desserts, including iced lichees stuffed with pistachios.And it was at the lichee counter that I met this lovely, young girl.She was one of automotive interior and exterior molds Suppliers the hired “hostesses” for the event. And I was struck by her beauty, poise and innate grace. We got talking. She has been a hostess at similar weddings for the past 10 years. She works through an agency that takes a big, fat commission from the youngsters. Often, she and other young people registered with the agency work 10 hours or more a day — during the wedding season. There are no frills. No extras. She pays for her own “uniform” (a black pant-suit, black pumps), make-up, hair styling and transport. Since most of the hostesses live in the distant suburbs, if they miss the last train, they are forced to share a cab. Often they get home well past midnight. And most times they have to trek back early the next morning.

For all the effort and hard work, this smart, educated (12th standard), young lady makes less than `500 per night. During the off-season, there is no work. She spends those months looking after her seriously sick mother.Listening to her account, I wanted to respectfully point out to the observation of the Supreme Court (bench headed by the learned Justice Deepak Misra) earlier this week, that it’s better to dance in bars than beg on the streets. Much as I support the rights of bar dancers, there are other options available.Take the example of this young beauty who could have easily opted for a career dancing in a bar. She chose to be a hostess at weddings instead. When I asked her why, she admitted shyly, “I am Muslim. My family is very conservative. This work suits me and I can focus on looking after ammi.” I looked around the venue. One of her colleagues was a Hindu married woman with young children. There was a Sikh wedding photographer on stage. The hosts were strict Jains. The eggless wedding cake had been created by a Christian baker. The guests represented a cross-section of all communities and castes.

The Shahs had invited their foreign clients, and I spotted a couple of blondes clicking pictures of the ring ceremony. Not only did the young couple publicly declare their love on stage while holding hands, but the groom also went down on his knees for the big moment. Right after that, the couple was persuaded by a female compere to perform a spot of “ballroom dancing”! The DJ played a sentimental waltz as the two gently swayed to an electronic remix of Strauss. Bizarre Well, no more than some of the extravagant, high-profile weddings of desi billionaires who choose to book the grounds of the Versailles Palace and hire acrobats from the Cirque de Soleil to entertain guests!Personally speaking, this was one of the most fascinating wedding ceremonies I have attended. So eclectic and uninhibited. How freely and innocently various idiotic, age-old taboos had been effortlessly breached. Nobody noticed. Nobody cared. There was an air of unfiltered joyfulness as strangers were treated to one startling surprise after another! I did a double take myself when the couple made their grand entry in a gigantic, plastic bubble, led by dancers dressed in futuristic silver lame outfits, who were busy fanning them Moulin Rouge style, with diamante-studded ostrich feathers.

Watching the proceedings were traditionally dressed family elders, some of whom had traveled from their villages in Gujarat and were in Mumbai for the very first time. I looked at an 85-year-old granduncle clad in a dhoti as he cheered and clapped when the bubble went past his chair. How easily he had embraced change! Dramatic, radical change. This is the tolerant India that still exists — strongly and proudly. No political party should mess with that. Such an attempt will only backfire.Readers can send feedback to www.shobhaade.blogspot.com

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The correspondent visited the spot on Sunday and a few eyewitnesses

Senior police inspector Dattatray Bhargudeof Khar police said, “The mother-son duo has been arrested under section 353 (Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty), 337 (Causing hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others), 338 (grievous hurt), 341 (wrongful restraint) and 34 (common intention) IPC and remanded to our custody for a day. The 54-year-old head constable Ajitkumar Shantaram Khavale continues to be on ventilator in Lilavati Hospital. We have registered a case and made arrests in the matter.

The correspondent visited the spot on Sunday and a few eyewitnesses who saw the incident said that Mr Khavale got busy in moving onlookers away from the footpath and the iron net fell on him from behind. Further, they were creating obstructions during the demolition drive and in the melee the incident occurred. While they were destructing the fruit stall owned by Radha Gupta (around 50 years) they used a JCB crane. According to the Khar police, the constable is a resident of Mahim police quarters and his family consists of his wife and two grown up sons. The iron net fell on Mr Khavale who suffered grievous Geely NL-5 Door Panel Manufacturers head injury. The onlookers had gathered as the BMC officials were hitting the hawkers who were not moving away from the spot.”.

Deputy commissioner of police, zone IX, Satya Narayan is looking into the sequence of events that led to a mishap where an iron net collapsed on a head constable during a BMC demolition drive in Khar Deputy commissioner of police, zone IX, Satya Narayan is looking into the sequence of events that led to a mishap where an iron net collapsed on a head constable during a BMC demolition drive in Khar market on Saturday morning in Khar (west) leaving him in an extremely critical condition. Based on the BMC’s complaint, the Khar police has booked Gupta and her son Sagar alleging they should have informed the BMC about the iron net in advance. The drive was conducted outside a dilapidated BMC structure that houses a market. “Right now, our priority is to ensure we give the best treatment to our head constable.

The crane was pulling out a plastic cover put above the illegal fruit stall and while pulling it down an iron net to which it was tied got mistakenly pulled down. The Guptas lost their illegal fruit stall-incurring losses of around Rs 20,000. We will probe all aspects in the case and will also find out if anyone from BMC is at fault,” Mr Narayan told The Asian Age. The correspondent approached additional commissioner, west region, Cherring Dorje who asked to contact DCP Satya Narayan. Several illegal hawkers have come up on the footpath surrounding the structure and the BMC was carrying a demolition drive to flush them out

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The applicant along with other named accused persons was present there

The rioting erupted after arrest of a man who allegedly posted morphed picture of Mecca on social media hurting religious sentiments of Muslims. Mumbai: The Bombay high court recently rejected the anticipatory bail plea of an advocate who is facing arrest for allegedly inciting a mob to attack the police and riot in Cheeta Camp area. The police arrested the accused on March 20. Around 15 policemen got injured in the rioting and the police had to resort to firing plastic bullets. Later, 17 persons including local AIMIM municipal corporator Shahnawaz Shaikh, were arrested in connection with the incident.However, a mob gathered at Dindayal ground and started demanding that accused be handed over to them.45 am on March 19, when the applicant was neither present in the police station nor he was part of the mob and hence there is no question of him instigating the mob. Gadkari observed that though the name of the applicant as an instigator is not mentioned in the FIR, the statements of two witnesses recorded immediately on March 20, clearly mention that when the mob had gathered at Dindayal Ground,

the applicant along with other named accused persons was present there..S.After hearing the arguments, Justice A.A teenage contractual sweeper with the Navi Mumbai civic body, a Trombay resident, had allegedly low-pressure injection molds Manufacturers posted a controversial image on a social media website. The court said the advocate had not performed his duty to pacify the mob and rejected his pre-arrest bail application. He argued that since beginning the crowd was demanding the custody of a teenager who was arrested by the Trombay police for allegedly posting a morphed photograph of Mecca on social media. and the police had to resort to firing plastic bullets. by advising them that the criminal law has already (been) set into motion, the law will take its own course and for which the custody of the accused need not be demanded in illegal and unlawful manner,” said Justice Gadkari and rejected the pre-arrest bail application.The RiotA teenage contractual sweeper with the Navi Mumbai civic body — a Trombay resident — had allegedly posted a controversial image on a social media website.

Hussain Jabali, who is also president of Kurla Metropolitan Magistrate Court’s advocate’s bar association, in his pre-arrest bail plea had contended that even perusal of the first information report (FIR) would reveal that he did not instigate the mob. Justice Gadkari observed that when the mob was demanding that the accused be handed over to its custody and shouting slogans like the “court will release him; we will kill him,” the applicant allegedly instigated the mob. Later, 17 persons including local AIMIM municipal corporator Shahnawaz Shaikh, were arrested in connection with the incident.Advocate Abad Ponda along with advocate Mateen Shaikh argued before the court that crime of rioting, attacking police station and damaging public property by mob was registered at around 12. Meanwhile, the police came to know about the ruckus near Cheeta Camp so it requested people to lodge an FIR and then arrested the teenager on March 20.”Justice Gadkari said the applicant being a practicing advocate,

had had a duty to pacify the mob. Soon the crowed attacked the police station, hurled glass bottles and paver blocks and also set on fire a police van. This hurt the sentiments of Muslims and soon local people started to search for him but could not find him. However, a mob attacked the police station, following which around 15 policemen got injured in the rioting.Advocate M. The applicant allegedly said, “I am an advocate of court; I know everything; court will release the said accused tomorrow and therefore, we must take him in our custody. The rioting erupted after arrest of a man who allegedly posted morphed picture of Mecca on social media hurting religious sentiments of Muslims. This hurt the sentiments of Muslims in the locality

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